Technical fabrics


We are manufacturer of technical fabrics, and our production is 100% French.

We transform natural materials such as cotton or linen and synthetic materials such as polyester or elastane, of all widths, into yarn. Then we carry out different techniques in our workshops: spinning, weaving, finishing... in order to produce military straps, edging tape, polypropylene fabric, heavy canvas...

Our activity is intended for the automotive, aeronautical, military, textile, etc. sectors. We design high quality industrial technical fabrics for comfort, protection and safety; because every day the precision of delivery times becomes an imperative for our customers, and above all, because every day the "saving" made at first sight on "low cost" supplies decreases.

We have sewing and assembly workshops equipped with the necessary equipment and know-how that allow us to manufacture textile assemblies by sewing, with a level of performance and quality unmatched in Europe.
We invest heavily, we integrate more and more processes internally, and our staff is totally passionate about its job.
Sagaert, your technical fabric manufacturer, is your technical fabric manufacturer!
Surf on this site, you will be amazed by our possibilities.
Consult us, and you will see that textile in France is not about to disappear !!!


Our fabrics are manufactured in large and medium widths. We offer you synthetic or natural fabrics: cotton, linen, jute, polyester, polyamide, kevlar, kermel, nomex, with the possibility of inscriptions, etc....

Type d'utilisation

For all civil and military garments, filters, pneumatic furnishings, rubber and PVC coatings etc

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