Linen fabric for curtains


Charvet in Armentières, in the north of the country, is the last linen cloth weaver in France.

Equipped with ultra-modern weaving and manufacturing equipment, the Charvet company, a subsidiary of the Sagaert group, manufactures in France magnificent curtains and sheers in pure linen, in regularly renewed colors.

Charvet is also specialized in weaving and making sheers in bleached linen and all products are of exceptional quality.
Curtains and sheers in linen, unbleached or dyed, made up or by the meter...

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Our fabrics are of very beautiful qualities, heavy and falling perfectly well. The colors are trendy, surfing on the return to nature and traditional values.

Type d'utilisation

These products are ideal for your main residence, your second homes. They are also suitable for castles, hotels, communities..

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