Heavy Cloth


Located in the north of France, our offshore weaving mill is equipped with brand new Dornier and Picanol looms and is able to manufacture on demand, or to offer you on stock any type of heavy or very heavy canvas in cotton, linen, jute, polyester or polyamide.

We can weave in very large widths or on the contrary in narrow multi-bands. We are integrated in dyeing, winding and twisting, also in France, which allows us an unparalleled flexibility.

We even have important cutting and making up capacities, always in France, if it is useful for you. Take the time to visit the complementary website www.charveteditions.com which will make you discover our fabrics for furniture and decoration.


Plants in the north of France special productions on request impermeable, impregnated, fireproof, prepregnation for the rubber industry, coating.

Type d'utilisation

Industrial uses military tent making military tents railway armament.

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