Faced with increasing demands from our customers, we have set up an embroidery workshop with the best machines available on the market.

Coupled with the acquisition of a high-performance computer tool, we can digitize and transform into embroidery all types of logos, designs and decorations.

Accustomed to the high demands of our automotive customers, we excel at producing exceptional quality and especially precision embroidery on fabrics, leathers and non-woven supports.

We realize your embroideries either on your own supports or on fabrics, products made in our own French factories.

Our location in the North of France allows us to respond to specific and limited requests as well as to recurrent and quantitative productions.


Embroidery of very beautiful quality French manufacture on fabrics, manufactured articles and non-woven support.

Type d'utilisation

Tablecloths, napkins, caps, t-shirts, sports teams, clubs, contests, personalization, birthdays, anniversaries, events

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