Adhered tissues RFL


Major actor of the technical fabric in France, we are equipped with ultra-modern looms allowing us to produce fabrics with weights ranging from 80 gr/m² to 950 gr/m² in widths between 40 cm and 280 cm. and this in all types of weaves.

You will find below a non-exhaustive list of the synthetic yarns we use:

Polyamide 6.6 yarns

78 dTex - 110 dTex - 235 dTex - 470 dTex - 940 dTex - 1 880 dTex - 1 880/2 dTex

Polyester threads H.T.

280 dTex - 550 dTex - 1,100 dTex - 1,670 dTex - 2,200 dTex

In order to bring an additional service to our customers in the rubber sector and in our approach of marketing only 100% French products we are equipped with a treatment unit thanks to which we are able to carry out treatments such as thermofixing but especially RFL adhesion treatments.

Every day we treat several thousand meters of fabric, mainly High Tenacity Polyesters, Polyamide 6.6 and Aramides.

Our main treatments are :

- RFL/Nitrile


- RFL/Polychloroprene

Thanks to our laboratory we are able to make adhesion tests of our fabrics with your gums. This ensures that the final product adheres perfectly.

We are also equipped with an ultrasonic cutting system that allows us to cut our synthetic fabrics to the width you want by welding the selvedges. This way, there is no risk of fraying and no over-thickness.

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