Textile strap thread to thread


We deliver annually nearly 450 tons of polyester strip yarn to yarn, in 5 widths and 2 different qualities, allowing us to meet all the needs of our customers.

All our yarn to yarn textile strap is entirely produced in our six French factories, which allows us to strictly guarantee the technical characteristics attached to our tapes.

The polyester yarn used is the most resistant currently available on the market, and our tapes are reinforced with adhesives that promote durability, heat and weather resistance. Our thread-to-thread textile strap is even more effective when used in combination with the phosphated or galvanized metal buckles that we manufacture by the millions in our factories in France.

All coil sizes are available from stock, and specific and specialized equipment produces textile strapping for baling presses under unrivalled conditions.


Our products have a very high tensile strength with very low elongation! Dimensions: 9mm 13mm 16mm 19mm 25mm 35mm. All our production line is 100% French !

Type d'utilisation

For any heavy load securing, strapping of parcels or pallets on site, installation with tensioner and metal buckles also manufactured in our French factories! Great safety of use!

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