Straps for trucks and carriers


We weave, dye and manufacture in France the truck lashing straps you are looking for. You can find on the market straps for import trucks at very low prices...and of very doubtful quality.

It is unthinkable to take risks of breaking of the lashing straps, the consequences of which can be dramatic and that is why the Sagaert group is committed to manufacture 100% of its lashing products in France, giving absolute priority to safety and to the guarantee of breaking strength of the truck straps.

Moreover, we can deliver our straps to the exact length you are looking for, in the color of your choice, and with a marking with your name or logo.


We offer all breaking strengths available in various colors. The marking is made to measure! Our ratchet tensioners are very efficient !

Type d'utilisation

Our straps are used for securing safety loads. Suitable for all semi-trailers, trucks...

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