Straps for moving


During a move, securing the furniture in the truck is a vital point. You will need a very strong, flexible strap that can be easily tied and untied, and whose edges must not damage the sometimes very fragile goods you are transporting.

This is why we manufacture 100% in France two types of straps of excellent quality, perfectly adapted to the problems of moving:

A yellow polyamide strap, of very high resistance (1800 kgs!), in width 25mm to secure very heavy furniture,

A 35mm cotton webbing with a synthetic core, which favours suppleness and comfort of use while maintaining a very honorable breaking strength of 300 kgs.

These two products are permanently available on stock, by rolls of 50 and 100 meters, or by important delivery.

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Our straps are made of cotton, or cotton/polyester in widths of 25 or 30mm. Very resistant, they do not damage fragile surfaces, furniture etc. Their very good French quality, ensures you a very long lasting use. A personalized marking is possible !

Type d'utilisation

Ideal for moving and transporting various fragile products !

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