Shrink tapes


We manufacture in our French factories top quality twines and shrinking tapes used in the electrotechnical field.
Depending on the application, we offer different woven, braided or cabled configurations:
Flat woven ribbon in cotton, polyester or glass, with or without thermoactive coating, for winding rotors.
Flat braided tape for cable bundling, in compliance with Airbus NSA8420 and MIL-A-A-52080 (ex MIL-T-43435), in polyamide, polyester, PTFE, with or without coating.
Braided round twine available in different materials (glass, polyamide, meta-aramid...).
Thread-to-thread tape for telecom, constructed with parallel threads impregnated with mineral wax.
All our twines and shrinking tapes have been developed by our design office to cover all your fields of application. Our engineers are at your disposal for any specific development or improvement to be made.

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