Ribbons for medals


Over the last few years, the Sagaert Group has taken over the manufacture in its six ribbon weavings of almost all the ribbons and rosettes for French civil and military decorations.

All our ribbons are woven with the utmost care, using top quality rayon or natural silk threads in order to meet the particular requirements of this demanding market.

We have large stocks of all our references in France, and also in various European and African countries, in order to be able to deliver you, even in very small quantities.

Of course, we manufacture all types of rosettes (with brass cups also produced in our French workshops), knots, plates, etc.

Medals for work are our speciality and we produce these ribbons in large quantities.

If you wish, we can also mount your medals on our textile parts.


Special ribbons for all decorations from the catalog are very solid colors to light moiré with or without rosettes.

Type d'utilisation

Military and civil medals.

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