Military straps


The Sagaert Group, with its eighteen production units exclusively based in France, has always specialized in the weaving of webbings, tapes and elastics for military use.
Integrated in dyeing and having in-house equipment for the control of the Infra Red reflectance and the solidity of the dyes to light and washing, having the most modern looms in the world, mastering perfectly the different techniques of dyes, you will always find with us the best military webbing on the market.
In France, in particular, almost all the products used to manufacture bags or military clothing have been developed in our workshops, in collaboration with the technical services of the three armies.

Abroad, we deliver very large quantities of tapes, straps and military elastics for the English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Belgian armies etc. We have most of the samples/prototypes you need in stock.
We can also cut or sew your military straps, and our group also manufactures millions of IR plastic buckles, soft buttons, braids, laces and cords, and some heavy canvas.


Thus we propose heavy or light straps, edging tapes and elastics used in the manufacture of bags, lattices, belts, parachutes, helmets for military outfits.

Type d'utilisation

All military clothing and repairs. Our products are also useful for master bootmakers.

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