Manufacturer high quality satin ribbon


Our satin ribbon is of very high quality, made and dyed in France.
Our six factories in Comines equipped with the best machines available on the world market offer you a magnificent range of polyester satin ribbons, available in 67 colors and 8 widths.
Sagaert delivers your satin ribbon in any quantity you require, in 48 hours, up to 3000 meters and within a week for any other quantity.
Our satin ribbon is very tight, very ... "satin"! It will highlight your products and packaging in a decisive way. The dyeing in France, carried out according to the rules of the art and in conformity with all the European regulations, gives you an optimal safety on these supplies.

The constant degradation of quality of the imported satins corresponds for several years to a general return of our customers towards French purchases.
Of course, all presentations are possible: wafers, bobbins, reel boxes, bulk...
All our satin can be delivered to you printed, marked, dyed in double face, cut.
Our range of satin ribbons is complementary with our grosgrain and muslin ribbons that we also weave in our factories.


The manufacturing is 100% French, carried out in our factories.
Discover our range of available colors. Possibilities of dyeing in special colors, even in small quantities.
All widths available

Type d'utilisation

Clothing, fantasy, decoration, gifts, packaging personalization, various packaging, luxury, confectionery

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