Manufacturer coarse grained ribbon


Coarse grain, satin and muslin! Discover our range of ribbons made in France, with unbeatable quality.

Our grosgrain, satin and muslin polyester tapes are available in more than 64 standard colors. They are available in all widths, from 3 to 100 mm.

We can also offer you ribbons with a special color, with immediate delivery, within a few days maximum.

Our recent innovations also allow us to offer you ribbons with different prints or different colors on each side.

The packaging of our grosgrain, satin or muslin ribbons is done at the customer's request.

We also offer automated cutting, eyelets or any other ribbon confection.


Wide range of colors extremely resistant to washing and light 100% cotton flat bias or filled bias.

Type d'utilisation

Clothing, blinds, childcare, piping, edging.

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