Judo band


We weave hundreds of thousands of Judo and Karate belts in our six ribbon weaving mills in Comines, France.

We weave the judo webbing with 100% cotton yarns, dyed in our own dyeing plant, which allows us to guarantee you a perfect quality of holding of all judo colors, in the light as well as in the wash.

Our judo webbing is also of very good mechanical resistance, it is resistant, and the absence of synthetic fibers avoids any burn on the hands of the opponents in case of exchanges a little muscular.

We especially offer you the possibility of supplying you in rolls or belts cut from stock in all colors (ecru, white, yellow, blue, orange, brown, red and black, two-tone or striped, etc.) this instant delivery time by small or large shipments gives you a decisive advantage over your import competitors, always over or understocked!!


Our cotton strap is of very good quality. The dimensions: 40mm. We pack them in rolls of 50m or in pre-cut lengths of 2.50m.

Type d'utilisation

Their primary use is for all martial arts clubs or sports stores!

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