Edging Tapes


Our six ribbon mills in the north of France offer you an infinite range of edging tapes in all materials and widths.

Military borders, fancy borders, borders for camping, clothing and aprons.

All types of edging tapes are really part of our current production.

We weave the ribbons, but we also cut from wide width fabric, we weave flat, and we knit special borders.

We can supply elastic, self-folding, fireproof, and very wide widths of edging tapes for carpets.
In short, the edging tape is without a doubt the Sagaert Group!


Laying with or without borders on sewing machines for edging blinds, carpets, fabrics.

Type d'utilisation

The use of our edging tapes is perfect in civil and military clothing, technical clothing, camping, mattresses, foamed complexes!

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