Webbing in France


You will find quality webbing in Comines, in the north of France!

For more than two hundred years, about twenty manufacturers have been competing in ingenuity and efficiency to weave, dye, make, cut millions of metres of webbing and ribbons of all kinds.

Cotton straps, synthetic, polypropylene or linen straps, satin or elastic ribbons, all these products are woven entirely on site, and dyed in integrated workshops.

It is the Sagaert group which has federated all these factories and which remains to this day the only operator on the spot.

The straps, the ribbons, today it is Sagaert, or one of its eighteen subsidiaries...

With an incredible production force, more than six hundred ultra-modern webbing, ribbon and elastic looms, numerous dyeing machines, a yarn dyeing plant, two garment factories, a plastic loop injection unit, and a stamping workshop, Sagaert can meet any narrow weaving need.

The Sagaert group has even, in a way, equipped itself with looms for weaving very very wide straps and tapes, since its subsidiary for heavy fabrics and cloths produces articles of ... three metres wide!!


Very high quality!

Type d'utilisation

All industrial or decorative uses.

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