Coarse-grained ribbon handles


Coarse-grained ribbon handles with metal ferrets :

Our associated activities of manufacturing coarse-grained ribbons and metal ferrets enable us to offer you all types of coarse-grained ribbon handles. Coarse-grained tape handles for bags, coarse-grained tape handles for cases, coarse-grained tape handles for cartons, etc.

You can choose a product made to measure, to your lengths, your colours, and even create your own personalised grosgrain handles, printed for you, and which will bear the colours of your company.

Similarly, the manufacture of fittings, integrated in our company, will allow you to choose a classic fitting or a fitting in the colour of your choice.

You can also choose from our grosgrain ribbon handles or one of our cotton cord handles, polyester cord or even linen or jute cord handles.

Your wildest desires will always find an answer, thanks to the variety of our products and the reactivity of our teams.

Our French production will guarantee you unbeatable quality.

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