Elastic buttonhole manufacture


The Sagaert Group, a family business based in the North of France, has been a manufacturer of buttonhole elastics for almost 4 generations. 

Sagaert's buttonhole elastics are woven elastic bands with repetitive slits along the entire length, which allow buttons or hooks to be passed through.

This makes it possible to preset the elastic according to the circumstances and the required size, while keeping the elasticity unchanged.

Unlike most of our competitors, we can instantly change the length of the slits, their positioning, their horizontal or vertical arrangement, and alternate lengths with or without openings during the manufacturing process.

This is due to the sophistication of our electronic machines, 

The hitherto limited market for buttonhole elastics exploded to produce Covid 19 plexiglass visors.

Sagaert is by far the largest manufacturer of buttonhole elastics for visors!


All configurations are possible: widths, colours, thicknesses, raw materials will be adapted to your needs.

The most common production combines polyester and elastodiene.

The buttonhole elastic can be woven or knitted, depending on the technical qualities you are looking for.

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Type d'utilisation

Adjustments to clothing sizes, hoods, variable volume bags, technical products, military mackintoshes are common outlets.

Currently, it is more and more used in the manufacture of protective visors made of plexiglass.

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