Covered elastic manufacturer


We are manufacturer of covered elastic for nearly 4 generations. Our factories being in the North of France, we assure you a 100% French covered elastic manufacturing. 

An elastic ribbon of very good quality must imperatively be made from gimped rubber threads. Whether it is an elastic ribbon based on elastane or natural rubber, only the covering of the threads will ensure true durability over time, resistance to ultraviolet rays and to sea or swimming pool water. Covered yarns are manufactured in-house in the integrated Sagaert group, as is the weaving of all our elastic tapes. Our 18 French factories only sell their production, excluding any trade or import. This policy has allowed us to maintain for more than two hundred years the exceptional quality of all the elastics we deliver to you.


covered elastic with a very good resistance to light and washing. Precise and long-lasting elongation in time very good quality.

Type d'utilisation

Manufacture of underpants, high-end clothing, military equipment, seawear, technical products.

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