Dyed Yarns


We dye in autoclave all types of technical or fancy yarns of all materials.

Our factory in Bondues, in the north of France, equipped with the most modern equipment on the market, can meet all your needs for custom dyeing, or deliver dyed yarn in all supplies.

Whether you use natural materials: linen, jute, ramie, cotton, wool, artificial, rayon, rayon, fibrane, or synthetic, polyamide, polyester, acrylic, and even aramids, you can have us dye quantities ranging from single bobbins to quantities of several tons with a color fidelity rarely achieved in this industry.

An ultra-fast sampling laboratory, absolute compliance with the standards in force and... a solid operating account guarantee you a long-lasting partnership with our group.


Global supply or dyeing to order winding, twisting, wide range of autoclaves to meet all needs.

Type d'utilisation

Weaving, wide braiding.

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