Military laces


We specialise in the manufacture of accessories for military clothing. We manufacture in our 18 100% French factories all types of straps, plastic and metal parts and laces.

We can deliver from stock flat or round laces, which are very resistant and essential for military embroidery.

Indeed, the best military shoe, even of very high quality, becomes mediocre if it is equipped with laces that are too small in diameter, too elastic, difficult to adjust, "spongy feeling", which break in your hand at the worst moment of the action, and which are often too short or too long.

Well aware of the importance of these "accessories", we will be able to provide you with laces for military embroidery and all types of combat shoes, respecting your operational requirements.

These laces are available from stock in black, khaki and navy. Flat or round according to your needs.


Woven or braided laces, flat or round.

Ultra strong dyeing

Made in France

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