Knitted cords


Our French factories produce several million metres of cords of all materials, diameters and colours every month.

In addition to our countless products made in classic braiding, we have an ultra-modern fleet of cord knitting machines.

This technique is irreplaceable when large volumes of products have to be produced at low prices, such as in the markets for advertising bags, packaging, shop bags, trimming for piping, or fasteners of all kinds outside the truly technical markets.

Another big advantage of knitted cords is the extreme flexibility of the filling process, which allows special production of very small quantities per colour in short lead times. This flexibility in the manufacture of our knitted cords is further enhanced by our integrated dyeing unit.

Consult us for all your needs for cords, braids, bungee cords, ties, bag handles, etc!


Diameters from 2mm to 10mm, many colours made in France, possibility of cutting.

Type d'utilisation

packaging bags and sachets

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