French manufacturer of laces and cords


The Sagaert group is the last manufacturer to produce all of its laces in France, and its economic success proves that this policy is effective!

Equipped with the best equipment available and never slowing down their investment efforts (2800 KE annually!), our factories in Comines (59560) manufacture millions of metres of various products every day: shoe laces, bobbin laces, bungee cords, rigid or elastic braids, flat woven laces, blind braids, waxed laces, as well as a whole range of straps and ribbons.

We are fully integrated in dyeing, with processes that fully comply with current environmental standards, which makes us extremely flexible when it comes to producing laces in special colours, even in small quantities.


We can carry out any type of finishing on our laces and braids (plastic, cellulosic, metal tips, hot, cold or ultrasonic cutting).

Our packaging and blistering workshop will certainly be of great use to you in certain cases.

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