Injected plastic


There are countless plastic injection companies in France, and there is hardly any that can provide you with a service equivalent to ours.

Plastic injection

The 18 plants of our 100% French, 100% family-owned group operate like a giant toolbox: two mould makers, an injector, a modeler-prototyper, a manufacturer of control tools, enable us to carry out plastic injection in our workshops and to meet the needs of our customers in the automotive, aeronautics and military sectors. For large production runs, opt for injection moulding.

Plastic injection is a process for using thermoformable materials, and more precisely thermoplastics. It allows you to obtain finished parts with complex shapes in a single task. This industrial technique requires machines such as injection moulding machines and injection presses.

Moulding injection

Injection molding makes it possible to manufacture very precise parts that very often do not require any subsequent machining. Our plants are perfectly equipped to carry out this industrial process and use it for large production runs.

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Sagaert is a totally non-localized group, totally diversified and totally ... profitable. Our subsidiary accompanies companies in their injection molding project, from the creation of the mold to the production of the parts. Let us become your partner.

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