Tube drilling


At incredible speeds, with an unrivalled level of precision, we cut any geometry or complex shape from any angle and in any form, on Steel, Aluminium or Stainless Steel tube; round, square, rectangular, oblong or profiled, with a tolerance of +/- 0.2 mm.

The laser technique on tube and profile, allows to realize cuts for :

Folding (rounded or sharp angle)
Craning, pricking, hangover...
Straight or mitre cut
Assembly for welded mechanics (example: mortise tenons...)
Removal of material (e.g.: interlocks ...)
Preparation for tapping, flow drilling...
Marking, engraving...
Round hole on round section
Your assemblies then become child's play, a game ... High precision ...

Consult us for all your projects, from prototypes to small, medium or large series. Our workshops, based in the North of France, guarantee you a 100% French manufacturing and a very high reactivity.

We answer you within 24/48 h with a personalized study proposing our skills, our prices and the most adequate solutions.


Chargeur de tubes automatique, longueur max 6,2 mètres

Capacités machines :


Stainless steel



Max 8

Max 4

Max 3

Round section

Ø 12 à 120

Square section

Max 120  x 120

Rectangular section

Max 150 x 50

Tube types: round, square, rectangular, oblong, profile

Material : Steel (raw, galvanized, sendzimir), aluminium or stainless steel.

Type d'utilisation

POS furniture (point of sale advertising), Automotive, Railway, packaging, medical, various industries

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