Store fitting


We have specialized for several years in shopfitting: store windows or simply corner fittings. Our group manufactures all the necessary components in its French factories: canvas, straps, buckles, braids and bungee cords, tubular or sheet metal structures, plastic parts, etc. This enables us to guarantee you a reactivity that is unequalled in Europe. We are ready to deliver small quantities of components for just a few euros, or on the contrary to supply you in record time with very large quantities of various products, enabling us to equip hundreds of stores in a few days.
Consult at length the website, you will be amazed by our possibilities.


We have long specialized in metal, plastic and textiles! We manufacture in the North of France, ideal parts for window accessories!

Type d'utilisation

Thus our sheet metal will lend itself marvelously to your furniture, our thousands of laces of straps, cords, cords, hooks, plastic buckles will coordinate your shop windows and our range of charvet fabrics will offer you great possibilities of different themes.

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