Wing Gasket


Ailerons are control surfaces that allow the aircraft to roll.

They are located at each end of the wing to amplify its effect by lever arm.
The sealing of the wings is very important and participates in the stability of the aircraft and the performances like consumption.

The ailerons are part of the wing. To preserve optimal performances of the plane of its lift, it is imperative to avoid air leaks between the lower and upper part of the wing, this is why aileron seals must allow a perfect sealing between the ailerons and the fixed wing.

These aileron gaskets are usually hollow silicone gaskets reinforced with textile to resist mechanical stress such as erosion or abrasion.

We also propose to make these gaskets with composite reinforcements in order to simplify the fixing method and save weight and cost.

Our expertise in the design and manufacture of gaskets, machining and composites allows us to accompany you from the elaboration of the specifications to the assembly on aircraft :
- Design of joints and their environment.
- Realization of prototypes and qualification tests.
- Internal machining of tools to offer you the best lead time.
- Manufacture of joints.

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