Engine and nacelle seal


The engines are shrouded in a structure called a nacelle.

The nacelles comprise several moving parts, some of which operate at each flight (thrust reversers) and others for maintenance.
In particular, the nacelles must contain a fire if an incident occurs in the engines, so the seals must be able to withstand very severe attacks.

Nacelle joints are fireproof seals. In addition, during operation, the internal pressure level is high.

As a result, nacelle seals are complex seals made of materials specifically developed for use in hot environments and resistant to fire tests according to ISO2685 and AC20-135 standards.

These gaskets can only be developed jointly. Our design office, experienced in collaborative work, combined with our production know-how will enable us to develop your nacelle and engine seals in an efficient way.

Our strategy of experience capitalization, with which we associate our customers, allows us to be part of a continuous improvement process of our products.

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