Door seal


The doors have specific kinematics for each aircraft. The requirements for this type of seal are very high due to the proximity of passengers and cabin crew.

There are other doors, such as emergency exit doors called "overwing emergency exit door" and luggage doors called "cargo door".

Compression forces, pressure resistance, acoustics are all criteria to take into account in the design of these joints.

The joints are mainly hollow seals accepting large displacements.

They are reinforced with textile to give them an excellent service life and have a specific coating to reduce the coefficients of friction and thus reduce the door closing forces.

We offer our customers support in the design of these seals because it must be done at the same time as the design of the environment (door frame, kinematics, fuselage, etc.). This joint work makes possible to optimize the seal by its cost, its mass and its performance.

We have also developed a rapid manufacturing process for this type of seal which allows us to validate the technological choices by testing within 2 weeks or to carry out tests on models.

Finally, our recent production equipment will ensure optimized and repeatable production.

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