Belly fairing seal


The central part of an airplane includes a central part of the fuselage, the wings, an assembly called "central wing box" which allows the junction between wings and fuselage.

This belly fairing is an element of complex structure which envelops the junction between the wings and the fuselage.

The belly fairing is a fixed part.

The tightness of the wings is very important and contributes to the stability of the aircraft and to the performances such as consumption.

The belly fairing must also present a sealing at the level of the junctions with the fuselage and the wings.

The deformations being important, this type of joint must fill important gaps.

As these belly fairing seals are in direct contact with the airflow, they must also have a shape allowing a transition without obstacle between wings and fuselage, this is why these seals often have a lip on the external side.

These 2 parameters (dimensions + lip seal) make these seals very sensitive to the airflow and the induced flag effect.

Calling on our experts from the design stage is the key to achieving a design that will reconcile compression stress, pressure resistance and service life.

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