Flap track fairing seal


Fairings cover the mechanisms necessary for deploying the flaps to reduce aerodynamic disturbances.

The flap track fairing has a fixed part and a mobile part which moves with the flaps.

The airtightness of the seals is very important and contributes to the stability of the aircraft and to performance (fuel consumption)

The fairings must also have a seal at the junctions between the moving part and the fixed part, and with the fixed wing.

Fairing seals are very often subjected to the flow of air and participate in an aerodynamic surface which must not present any obstacle.

They are therefore often reinforced with stiff textiles and have a lip shape on the outer part in contact with the air flow.

Our know-how in textile transformation combined with our expertise in the design and manufacture of seals allows us to offer the right product for the requirements related to fairing seals and specific customer constraints.

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